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5/19/2015 New Jersey Harold: For Many Low Income Workers, Calling in Sick is a Luxury

5/13/2015 Courier-Post: COMMENTARY: Paid sick days protect workers, families

4/01/2015 NJBIZ: A Year Later, Jersey City Says Paid Sick Leave Legislation A Success

4/01/2015 Think Progress: How Paid Sick Days Are Benefitting This City's Businesses

4/01/2015 The Jersey Journal: Benefits 'Evident' in Jersey City Paid Sick Time Law, Rutgers Study Finds

3/05/2015 Baristanet Wellness: Paid Sick Leave Ordinance is Now in Effect in Montclair

3/04/ 5 Things to Know: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Goes Into Effect in Montclair Today

3/04/2015 Jewish Community Voice: Support Paid Sick Days for New Jersey Families

3/04/2015 The Jersey Tomato Press: Ahead of the Curve: Montclair Launches Paid Sick Time Ordinance Today, March 4

3/04/2015 Montclair's Earned Sick Leave Ordinance Goes Into Effect

3/03/2015 Think Progress: This City Just Ensured That Workers Can Take A Paid Day Off If They Get Sick

3/03/2015 Bloomfield Becomes First N.J. Town This Year to Mandate Paid Sick Leave

2/15/2015 Letter: New Jersey workers deserve the right to earn paid sick leave

12/15/2014 Paid Sick Leave Bill Advances in NJ Legislature

/12/15/2014 Paid Sick Leave Bill Advances Out of Budge Committe

/2/15/2014 NJ Takes Another Step Toward Mandatory Paid Sick Leave, Angering Business Groups

12/12/2014 NJ Advance for the Media: U.S. Labor Secretary Says N.J. Paid Sick Leave Should Spread Nationwide

11/05/14 NJTV:Montclair, Trenton Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Ordinances 

11/05/2014 7 Things We Learned Across the U.S. From Tuesday's Elections

1/1/05/2014 New Jersey Newsroom: Earned Sick Time Questions Prevail at Voting Booth in Trenton and Montclair

11/04/2014 Law360: NJ Voters Expand Sick Leave Rights to Trenton, Montclair

11/04/2014 Montclair Votes to Mandate Paid Sick Time For Private-Sector Employees

11/04/2014 The Jersey Tomato Press: Earned Sick Time Questions Prevail at Voting Booth in Trenton and Montclair

10/31/2014 Opinion: Committee For A Healthy Montclair Writes in Support of Earned Sick Leave

10/31/2014 In Advance of Vote, Montclair Debates Advantages, Strains of Mandatory Paid Sick Time

10/30/2014 Burlington County Times: AARP Poll Finds Support For Paid Sick Leave

10/30/2014 Poll by AARP Shows Wide Support For N.J. Paid Sick Leave Measures

10/30/2014 West Orange Patch: No Paid Sick Leave in West Orange, But NJ Moves Forward

10/28/2014 Huffington Post: Vote For Paid Sick Days As A Basic Right

10/27/2014 Burlington County Times: NJ Lawmakers Advance Sick Leave Bills

10/27/2014 NJ BIZ: Time For Talk Is Over (For Now): Statewide Paid Sick Leave Bill Clears Assembly Panel

10/27/2014 Politicker NJ: Assembly Labor Releases Paid Sick Leave Bill, 6-3

10/27/2014 N.J. Assembly Panel Backs Paid Sick Leave

10/27/2014 Asbury Park Press: Paid Sick Leave Plan Advances in NJ Legislature

10/27/2014 Star Ledger: New Jersey Needs An Earned Sick Leave Law: Editorial

10/27/2014 NJ Advance for the Media: Paid Sick Day Bill For N.J Workers Begins Advancing in Legislature

10/17/2014 Paid Sick Days Benefit Worker and Employer

10/15/2014 Opinion: New Jersey Needs Sick-Pay Legislation

10/09/2014 NJ TV News: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

10/09/2014 NewsWorks: Vote On Paid Sick Leave For N.J. Workers Delayed

10/09/2014 NJ 101.5: New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Bill Still A Work In Progress

10/09/2014 NJ Advance Media: Bill to Offer Paid Sick Days For All N.J. Workers To Be Debated By Lawmakers

10/09/2014 New Jersey Lawmakers Looking At Paid Sick Leave

10/09/2014 NJ Advance Media: NJ Assembly Committee Delays Vote On Bill to Offer All Workers Paid Sick Days

10/08/2014 Battle Over Earned Sick Leaves Goes to Trenton

10/06/2014 Montclair's Earned Paid Sick Time Advocates Prepare For November Ballot

10/06/2014 News 12: Montclair and Trenton Residents Will Vote On Paid Sick Leave For Employees Come November

10/06/2014 The Trentonian: Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Advocates For Voters In Trenton to OK Sick Days

10/06/2014 Time of Trenton: Paid Sick Leave Supporters Lunch Campaign In Trenton, Montclair Ahead of Nov. Ballot Question

10/06/2014 NJTV News: Advocates Push for Paid Sick Days Via Ballot Question

9/25/2014 The Jersey Journal: One Year Later, Opinion On Jersey City's Paid Sick Time Law Is Still Mixed

9/2014 Family Values at Work: East Orange, Paterson Become 10th, 11th City- 4th and 5th in NJ- to Pass Paid Sick Days

9/18/2014 NJTV News: Municipalities Enact Paid Sick Leave

9/11/2014 Think Progress: Meet The People Who Just Created The Biggest Wave of Paid Sick Day Victories Ever

9/10/2014 NJ Advance Media for Paterson becomes fifth N.J. City To Pass Paid Sick Leave Law

9/10/2014 Blue Jersey: Paterson Becomes 5th NJ City to Pass Earned Sick Days Ordinance

9/10/2014 Paterson Adopts Law Requiring Private Sector to Provide Sick Days to Employees

9/09/2014 Think Progress: City Unanimously Approves Paid Sick Days for 10,000 Workers

9/09/2014 NJ Advance Media for East Orange Mandates Paid Sick Time, Adds Momentum to Statewide Law, Supporters Say

9/04/2014 Passaic Becomes Third N.J. City To Force Employers To Provide Paid Sick Time

9/04/2014 RICE: Paid Sick Days Vital to Healthy Economy, Workers

9/03/2014 Fios1: Passaic City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Measure

9/03/2014 Think Progress: Country's Newest Law Guaranteeing Workers Paid Sick Days Passes Unanimously

9/03/2014 New Jersey 101.5: Prieto: Statewide Paid Sick Leave An Assembly Priority

9/03/2014 New Jersey 101.5: Paid Sick Time: Good Idea or Not?

8/26/2014 The Trentonian: Trenton Council Punts Sick Pay Measure to Voters, Asks NJ Legislature to Enact Statewide Policy

8/25/2014 Times of Trenton: Trenton City Council Will Vote on Proposal to Require Businesses to Offer Paid Sick Days to Employees

8/20/2014 Paterson Times: Earned Sick Pay Ordinance to be Sponsored by City Council

8/20/2014 Times of Trenton Editorial Board: Editorial: Momentum grows for NJ Paid Sick Time Proposal

8/19/2014 Passaic Council Introduces Measure Requiring All Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave

8/19/2014 Fios 1: Move to Guarantee Paid Sick Time For All NJ Workers Gains Momentum

8/16/2014 The Star Ledger: Why Workers Should Be Offered Paid Sick Time: Opinion

8/11/2014 Passaic, Paterson Eye Paid Sick Leave Law

8/10/2014 NJBiz: Grapevine: Prieto's Move on Statewide Paid Sick Leave Not Surprising

8/07/2014 NewsWorks: Paid Sick leave Initiative Gaining Traction in NJ

8/06/2014 PolitickerNJ: Petition Push To Drive Ballot Initiative Process for Earned Sick Leave Ordinances Spreads to Five NJ Municipalities

8/05/2014 Push Is On for Paid Sick Days in New Jersey Cities

8/05/2014 NJSpotlight: Does Paid Sick Leave Have Healthy Chane of Approval in New Jersey?

8/05/2014 Tap Into Paterson: Petitions Submitted to Montclair Township Clerk to Give Private Sector Workers Paid Sick Days

8/05/2014 East Orange Poised to Mandate Paid Sick Time for Private Companies, Joining Two Other NJ Towns

8/04/2014 New York Business Journal: Duly Noted: Paid-Sick Activists Pushing for Benefit in New Jersey (Video)

8/03/2014 Truth-Out: Paid Sick Day Campaigns Gain Traction as ALEC Allies Push Back

8/03/2014 The New York Times: In New Jersey, Workers' Advocates AIm to Put Paid Sick Time on Ballot

7/07/2014 The Star Ledger: Paid Family Leave is a New Jersey Success Story: Opinion

6/23/2014 Is Paid Family Leave Bad For Business?

6/17/2014 N.J. Democrats To Push For Paid Sick Time

6/16/2014 NJ BIZ: Statewide Paid Sick-Leave Advocates Launch New Campaign

5/28/2014 NJ BIZ: Newark Paid Sick-Leave Ordinance Goes Into Effect

4/16/2014 The Star Ledger: NJ Should Require Paid Sick Days For Workers: Editorial

4/10/2014 Why Connecticut's Paid Sick Leave Law Didn't Kill Jobs

4/8/2014 Fios1: Trenton Rally Pushes For Mandatory Paid Sick Time

4/8/2014 N.J. Democratic Lawmakers, Advocates Push For Employer-Paid Sick Leave

4/8/2014 Politicker NJ: Weinberg and Dem Colleagues Launch Earned Sick Days Campaign

4/8/2014 NJBiz: N.J. Lawmakers Launch Statewide Paid Sick-Leave Campaign

3/25/2014 Wage Increase Sought For Workers Who Also Earn Tips

3/24/2014 The Star Ledger: Bill To Increase Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers Advances In NJ Assembly

3/19/2014 The Washington Post: A Look At Paid Sick Leave Laws, Where They Exist

3/19/2014 SF Gate: So what? Small Business Unfazed By Paid Sick Time

3/04/2014 Think Progress: Exclusive: Report Finds Taking A Paid Day Off When Sick Is A Privilege Of The Wealthy

2/27/2014 The National Law Review: Newark, New Jersey Enacts Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

2/25/2014 Lehigh Valley Live: Paid sick Leave is Cost-Effective for Businesses

2/13/2014 Cape May County Herald: More New Jersey Working Mothers are Low-Income

2/13/2014 New Jersey 101.5: Should the Minimum Wage be Raised for Food Servers? [POLL]

2/12/2014 New Brunswick Today: City Officials Disagree Over Private-Sector Paid Sick Leave Policy

2/12/2014 Daily Record: Does NJ Need A Higher Minimum Wage For Restaurant Workers?

2/09/2014 Guarantee Of Paid Sick Days Stirs Debate

1/29/2014 New York Business Journal: Newark Council Approves Sick Leave Mandate

1/28/2014 Newark Patch: Paid Sick Leave Law Receives Council Approval

1/28/2014 Star-Ledger: Newark council OKs Sick Pay For Private Sector Worker

1/28/2014 NJ Biz: Newark Passes Mandatory Paid Sick-Leave Policy

1/27/2014 PolitickerNJ: Ramos Gains More Labor Endorsements in Newark Mayoral Race, says "I'm running and I'm winning"

1/28/2014 ThinkProgress: Newark Passes the Country's Eight Sick Day Law

1/28/2014 NPR: Paid Leave Laws Catch on Across the Nation

1/28/2014 State: Why You Should Care That Newark Just Passed a Paid Sick Leave Bill

1/28/2014 Salon: Sick Day Activists Hope Newark Win and Scandal Stench

1/28/2014 Law 360: Newark On Verge of Requiring Paid Sick Leave

1/26/2014 The New York Times: Despite Business Fears, Sick-Day Laws Like New York's Work Well Elsewhere

1/26/2014 The Daily Beast: For Working Moms, One Sick Kid Can Spell Disaster

1/24/2014 The Star-Ledger: Paid Sick Leave Now Mandatory For Most Businesses in Jersey City

1/24/2014 New Jersey Newsroom: A New Jersey First: Jersey City Becomes 1st City in State to Guarantee Paid Sick Days for Workers

1/24/2014 NJBIZ: Jersey City Paid Sick-Leave Law Goes Into Effect

1/15/2014 Bloomberg: Moms in ‘Survival Mode’ as U.S. Trails World on Benefits

1/12/2014 USA Today: States, Cities Where Sick Leave Is Required Or Being Considered; New York City and Jersey City, N.J., etc.

1/07/2014 NJBIZ: Paid Sick-Leave Ordinance Offers Newark Businesses $4.2 Million in Net-Benefits

1/07/2014 The Star Ledger: Report: Paid Sick Leave in Newark Will Boost Small Business Bottom Line

1/05/2014 The Press of Atlantic City: Businesses Pressured to Pay For Sick Leave

1/03/2014 The Star Ledger: Newark Private-Sector Workers Need Paid Sick Time

12/19/2013 The Star Ledger: Newark Looks To Beef Up Planned Ordinance Granting Sick Leave For Private-Sector Workers

12/19/2013 Think Progress: Newark Lawmakers Will Vote On Paid Sick Days In January

12/19/2013 NJ Spotlight: Newark City Council Nears Vote On Paid Sick-Time Ordinance

12/18/2013 BuzzFeed Politics: Newark's Paid Sick Days Bill Delayed Until Next Year

12/18/2013 Politicker NJ: Push Continues For paid Sick Leave Bill in Newark

12/18/2013 ABC Eyewitness News: Newark City Council Strengthens Paid Sick Leave Bill

12/17/2013 The Sacramento Bee: Newark's Earned Sick Days Law Would Improve Public Health, Reduce Costs

12/13/2013 Opinion: Business Owner Encourages Mandatory Paid Sick Time

12/13/2013 NJ Spotlight: Op-Ed: Earned Sick Time Means Healthier Employees and Businesses

12/12/2013 NJ BIZ: N.J. Economists, Academics Express Support for Paid Sick Days in Open Letter to Newark Council

12/04/2013 The Newark Patch: Newark Council Advances Sick-Time Law

12/04/2013 The Star Ledger: Newark Council Takes First Step to Approve Paid Sick Leave

12/04/2013 The Times of Trenton: Opinion: Momentum is Growing in N.J. to Require Paid Sick Time

11/30/2013 The Star Ledger: Require Paid Sick Leave For All of N.J.: Editorial

11/05/2013 The Star Ledger: N.J. Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Raising Minimum Wage

11/05/2013 USA Today: N.J. Voters Approve Minimum Wage Hike

11/05/2013 Medical Press: Overwhelming Majority of New Jerseyans Support Paid Sick Days, Study Finds

10/31/2013 NJBIZ: Rutgers study: 83 percent of N.J. Residents Support Paid Sick-Day Policies

10/31/2013 83 Percent Of N.J. Residents Support Paid Sick-Day Policies

10/31/2013 The Washington Post: New Jersey Poised to Add a Minimum Wage Hike to its Constitution

10/30/2013 World News Network: Rutgers Study: Overwhelming Majority of New Jerseyans Support Paid Sick Days

10/30/2013 New Brunswick Patch: Should Minimum Paid Sick Day Policies Be Required?

10/30/2013 New Jersey 101.5: Paid Sick Days Get Wide Support: Poll

10/30/2013 NJ BIZ: Newark City Council Votes Unanimously to Introduce Paid Sick-Leave Legislation

10/29/2013 88.3 WBGO: Rally for Paid Sick Days in Newark

10/29/2013 Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Newark Council to Vote on Mandatory Sick Days

10/29/2013 The Star Ledger: At Newark City Hall, Support Builds for Paid Sick Time

10/29/2013 The Huffington Post: The Little Secret Corporate Lobbyists Don't Want You to Know: Earned Sick Days Are Good for Business

10/28/2013 NJ BIZ: Benefit Offers Bottom-Line Boost, Say Business Owners in Jersey City and Newark

10/27/2013 Newark Patch: Newark Council to Discuss Mandatory Sick Time Law

10/24/2013 Here & Now: Business Owners Divided Over Paid Sick Leave

10/23/2013 Think Progress: 90 Percent of U.S. Employees Come to Work Sick

10/22/2013 88.3 WBGO: People Who Work in Newark May Soon Have Paid Sick Days

10/22/2013 FOX N.Y.: Newark Considers Measure Mandating Paid Sick Days

10/22/2013 N.J. BIZ: Paid Sick-Leave Fight Headed to Newark

10/22/2013 The Star Ledger: Newark Council to Take Up Paid Sick Leave Next Week

10/21/2013 News 12 New Jersey: Jersey City Workers to Earn Sick Time Thanks to New Law

10/21/2013 Associated Press: Jersey City First in N.J. to Require Paid Sick Time

10/21/2013 New Jersey 101.5: Jersey City Mayor Signs Paid Sick Leave Law

10/21/2013 N.J. BIZ: In Jersey City, Business Owner Says Paid Sick-Leave Law is How Things Should Be Done

10/21/2013 Think Progress: Jersey City Mayor Signs Country’s Seventh Paid Sick Days Law

10/21/2013 The Jersey Journal: Jersey City Mayor Signs Paid Sick Time Bill Into Law

10/21/2013 The Republic: Jersey City Mayor Signs Bill Making City the First in NJ to Require Paid Sick Days

10/21/2013 Johnson City Press: Should Companies Provide Paid Sick Leave to Employees?

10/16/2013 The National Law Review: Jersey City Passes Paid Sick Leave Law

10/2013 NJTV: Jersey City's New Mayor Looks Toward the Future

10/11/2013 The Jersey Journal: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave in Jersey City: What You Need to Know

10/07/2013 Time for Paid Sick Leave in N.J.

9/30/2013 National Council for Occupational Safety and Health: Jersey City Wins Paid Sick Days, Better Protection for Workers

9/29/2013 The Hudson Reporter: Private Businesses in City Must Now Offer Sick Leave-Fulop Administration Expects a Legal Challenge to Precedent-Setting Ordinance

9/26/2013 Eyewitness News ABC 7: Jersey City Council Passes Bill to Require Paid Sick Leave

9/26/2013 The Jersey Journal: Council Vote Makes Jersey City State's First Municipality to Mandate Paid Sick Time

9/25/2013 The Miami Herald: Jersey City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill

9/25/2013 The Jersey City Independent: Paid Sick Time Ordinance Could Harm Local Businesses, CASID Warns

9/25/2013 The Jersey Journal: Jersey City Council Set to Approve Paid Sick Time Mandate

9/25/2013 Salon: Cory Booker’s Next Moment of Liberal Reckoning

9/20/2013 The Star Ledger: In Newark, Letting Sick Workers Stay Home: Opinion

9/16/2013 The Daily Targum: Paid Sick Days Needed in NJ

9/15/2013 The Star Ledger: Earned Sick Days Are Good for N.J. Business and The Economy: Opinion

9/14/2013 Atlantic Highlands Herald: Paid Sick Leave Is More Generous Than Most

9/13/2013 The Jersey Journal: Fulop Right on Sick Days, Says JJ Reader

9/12/2013 New Jersey 101.5: Are You In Favor of an Earned Sick Day Measure? [AUDIO, POLL]

9/11/2013 The Jersey Journal: Jersey City Council Appoints Public Safety Director, Reshapes Many Departments, Introduces Sick Leave Measure

9/11/2013 The Star Ledger: Newark Pursuing Plan to Require Sick Pay for Some Workers

9/10/2013 NJ Spotlight: Jersey City Pushes To Pass First Required Paid Sick Leave Bill In NJ

9/9/2013 The Jersey Journal: Mayor Fulop, Advocates Show Support for Sick Time Ordinance

9/9/2013 News 12: Jersey City Considers Bill to Require Businesses to Pay for Sick Days

9/9/2013 News 12: Buscan Apoyo Para Ordenanza De Días De Enfermedad En Jersey City

9/8/2013 Hudson Reporter: Fulop ‘Sick Day’ Proposal Draws Labor Support; Business Groups Reviewing Plan

9/6/2013 The Jersey Journal: Jersey City Mayor Backs Statewide Referendum to Raise minimum Wage

9/6/2013 NJ Biz: Coalition Plans to Demonstrate in Support of Paid Sick-Leave Requirement

9/5/2013 The Star Ledger: Jersey City's Smart Push for Paid Sick Days: Editorial

9/4/2013 NBC New York: Jersey City Wants to Require Mandatory Sick Leave

9/4/2013 CBS New York: Jersey City Mayor Seeks Mandatory Paid Sick Days For Workers

9/4/2013 The Jersey Journal: Liberal Groups Hail Plan to Mandate Paid Sick Time in Jersey City; Critics Raise Concerns

9/4/2013 NJ Biz: Employers Groups Blast Fulop Bill to Require Paid Sick Leave for Private Sector

9/4/2013 The Jersey Journal: New Bill Would Require Jersey City Businesses to Provide Paid Sick Days: report

9/4/2013 Think Progress: Jersey City Could Be Next To Guarantee Workers Paid Sick Days

9/3/2013 The New York Times: Jersey City May Require Paid Sick Leave

8/30/2013 N.J. Fast-Food Workers Sit This Strike Out

8/28/2013 Inquirer Trenton Bureau: A Call for $1 Hike in N.J. Minimum Wage

8/9/2013 NJ 101.5: The Push is on for Earned Sick Days in NJ [AUDIO]

8/9/2013 NJ Assembly Democratic Office Vimeo: Oliver, Watson Coleman Excerpts from News Conference In Support of Earned Sick Days Legislation (A-4125)

8/8/2013 New Jersey Today: Women's Groups Call for Companies to Offer Paid Sick Day

8/8/2013 News Room New Jersey: Women Leaders Make Strong Case to Support Earned Sick Days in New Jersey Family Values at Work Making the Case for a State Paid Leave Fund in the Federal Budget

5/23/2013 The Star Ledger: Paid Sick Leave Bill Is Long Overdue: Editorial

5/20/2013 The Jersey Journal: Poll: Should NJ private employers be forced to pay sick time?

5/20/2013 New Jersey Senate Democrats: Madden-Beach Legislation Creating 'NJ Safe Act' Heads To Governor's Desk

5/15/2013 News Works: N.J. considers mandating paid sick time for more than 1 million workers

5/15/2013 NJ business association: Paid sick time could hurt workers

5/15/2013 New Jersey 101.5: NJ Legislator Introduces Earned Sick Days Bill

5/12/2013 Times of Trenton: Opinion: On Mother's Day, a call for N.J. legislators to create standards for earned sick days

5/05/2013 Praise for N.J.'s family leave insurance

4/16/2013 The Star Ledger: N.J. Voters Strongly Support Minimum-Wage Hike, Poll Shows

2/16/2013 The Star Ledger: Opinion: I Pay Real Wages, Shouldn't Everyone?

2/6/2013 Pressure growing on Christie to approve Medicaid expansion

2/01/2013 NJ 101.5: NJ’s Family Leave Insurance Program Reaches 100,000 in 3 Years

1/31/2013 NJ Biz: Paid Family Leave Boosters Eye Expansion to Program

1/28/2013 Asbury Park Press: Decision time on minimum wage bill

1/26/2013 Number of workers impacted by minimum wage hike not precise

1/23/2013 NJ Spotlight: Op-Ed: Who Has Time for the Flu? How to Fight Illness With Smart Policy

1/22/2013 The Today Show: Family Values at Work's Ellen Bravo talks Paid Sick Days on the Today Show

1/17/2013 The Star Ledger: Letters: Dunes, Taxes and Sick Days