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NJ Small Business Owners' Stories


Susan owns a small business in Newark called ARTISIN. Susan believes it is important for her employees to feel valued and respected, not only to benefit them as employees, but also the business owner as she believes that happy employees leads to a positive work environment that really allows the employees to enjoy coming to work and doing their best. Susan says that it is important for employees to stay home and care for themselves or a loved one because if they do come into work, not only do they risk infecting others, but they also will not mentally be on the job.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg


Peter is a small business owner in downtown Newark, New Jersey. Peter’s business has been established there for the last fifteen years, but Peter himself has been in business for the last forty-six years. Peter is a strong believer that his business should be run very family oriented and that his employees should be treated the way the he, employer, would want to be treated. Peter recalls his old employer in the 1960s who gave him two weeks family leave, unasked, for the birth of his daughter and how that kindness is what established these company standards in his business practices. Peter claims that providing employees with earned sick days not only boosts moral, but also improves productivity and the overall environment of the workplace.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg


Holly is a small business owner in downtown Newark and a member of the Main Street Alliance. She has been in business for the last eight years and has three employees. Holly strongly believes that it is important to keep her employees happy and dedicated by being a flexible employer. Holly not only pays her employees more than minimum wage, but she also offers them paid sick days so they can have time to get better. Holly strongly believes that offering paid sick days not only benefits the employee, but it also benefits her business as well.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg


Tony is a small business owner in Jersey City, New Jersey and a member of NJ Main Street Alliance who supports the Earned Sick Days Ordinance. Tony notes that providing this benefit to his employees only costs him an additional $.38 per hour per employee. Tony believes that offering paid time off is a small price to pay if it means keeping his employees happy and healthy. Having healthy employees not only increases safety in the workplace, it also increases productivity. Tony believes that keeping employees satisfied yields a higher retention which is good for business and in the long run, allows him to actually save money in turn-over.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg


Kristen is a small business owner in Jersey City, New Jersey and a member of NJ Main Street Alliance. Kristen is a strong supporter of the Earned Sick Days Ordinance even though the bill does not directly apply to her small business. Kristen feels that having the availability of earned sick days strengthens the community, as well as her business because when employees are happy and healthy, they provide great customer service.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg


Phillip, a member of NJ Main Street Alliance, is a small business owner in Jersey City, New Jersey who has owned his business for ten years. Recently, Phillip has hired a full time employee, his first in the last five years, and earned sick days was a part of his offer to her. Phillip feels that as a business owner, he should not penalize employees for being sick because not only does this hurt the business by lowering productivity and making everyone else sick, but it also hinders the economy. Phillip believes that taking care of employees is the right thing to do because retaining these good people not only improves customer service, but also the business as a whole.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg


Adam runs a small business in Camden. As a business owner and member of the Main Street Alliance, Adam sees the value in providing earned sick days. This value is both added to the business and to the well-being of the employee. By offering earned sick time, employees can afford to stay home and care for their own health or the health of a family member. This benefit keeps the business running and the employees happy because it lessens the burden of juggling life and work. Adam believes that by providing earned sick days to his employees, his business remains competitive as he continues to attract good, hard-working employees who feel appreciated. In Adam’s opinion, his employees are like family, and earned sick days allow for this family to remain happy and healthy.  photo mainstreetalliance_zps84ef3a9f.jpg